5 Must-Have Watch Band Material For Smartwatches

5 Must-Have Watch Band Material For Smartwatches

5 Must-Have Watch Band Material For Smartwatches

Leather watch band

Leather is definitely one of the most popular materials out there, regardless of the analog watch or up trending smartwatch. Leather bands are most often classified into two types, the genuine leather, and faux leather.

Genuine Leather, this simple term is capable of splitting itself into various kinds, like the source of it such as alligator leather or various different grades of cowhide leather; the patterns on the leather such as stitched leather, Italy oil-tanned and more we can think of.

Be it a genuine or a faux, most leather strap gives a vintage, timeless and classic look that compliments well for an official business image or even casual daily life.

The leather watchband is arguably the one that comes with oceans spread of designs, some that you can never imagine how nice it is until you see one for yourself (not to say how amazing it can blend in with the digital smart wearables of yours!)

Stainless steel straps

Here comes another high demand to watch material, stainless steel. More commonly used by the man, stainless steel strap never fails to release tinge of manly, tough and matured image of the holder. It is also the most durable material that does not seems to lose a place in the fashion world. Although it is comparatively heavier and perhaps not so comfortable wearing for some, it unquestionably is the lowest maintenance one, in terms of cleaning and anti-dust.

If you wish to have the benefiting points of a stainless steel watch yet wanting to eliminate the parts on the weight and maybe the expensive price, then you may want to take a look at the Milanese strap. Milanese mesh loop band which is also made of stainless steel, thus containing all the pros we mentioned earlier, yet is much lighter and sleeker looking! Made with stainless steel thread enmeshed, with commonly offered magnetic closure, the Milanese watch strap is suitable for both man and woman yet preserve the essence of the sophisticated feel.

Fabric Straps

Fabric band undeniably is up trending in the speed of lightning, be it the Nylon, Woven or Canvas. You might have heard or search for the NATO strap or the ZULU strap or any similar stuff along the way of choosing your perfect replacement strap. The main contribution to this fast gaining in popularity definitely comes from its versatility. Versatility in the sense of appearance, the minimalist look of it makes it adaptive to our daily life, such as wearing it to work, to a casual party with friends or even in the sports activity.

The durability, comfortability, breathability and light-weighted features all compute to tons of bonus and greatness to the fabric straps. However, some of the designs can be as costly as leather and stainless steel straps.

Silicone Rubber Straps

Most of the smartwatches and fitness trackers usually come with a silicone rubber strap which makes sense as most of the users tend to opt for sports-friendly and waterproof bands for their fitness lifestyle.

Some great plus point for silicone strap also includes its flexibility and breathability while wearing and the large pool of color variation has to offer! Last but not least, with the lowest price point among the other band, it certainly has to be in the top few band choices!

 Wooden Watch Strap

This band surely is the most unique one among the list here. Putting the special use of timber theme material aside, this band just looks like a fusion concept of a stainless steel and leather band! Low profile yet distinct, this band easily sparks style on its holder.

This wooden made watch strap is light in weight, sweatproof and much more resistant to wear and tear taking into consideration of its hard exterior.

While it might be a band you can really consider having if you wish to shoo away from ordinary band types, the pricing might be of a higher range and limited availability in the market.

February 16, 2020, GoStraps
Image Credit: Unsplash