Can You Wear a Smartwatch with a Gown?

Can You Wear a Smartwatch with a Gown?

Can You Wear a Smartwatch with a Gown?

Every woman has gone through this: you are invited to a formal event, and you need to dress elegantly, in a gown. Still, you do not really want to leave your activity tracker at home. But how do you match it with a gown, because it’s quite bulky? That’s simple: you get a replacement for your current strap.

How to Wear a Smartwatch with a Gown?

When you are wearing a smartwatch with a gown, you need to carefully consider the dress that you are wearing. For example, the color of your gown will directly influence the color of the watch that you’ll use. While a black gown gives you quite a lot of freedom in terms of bands, this freedom may be limited when you have a dress in a particular color. Remember light with light, dark with dark.

That being said, smartwatch bands should also be elegant. So, you need to make sure that the design matches your dress. Obviously, it has to be in the same style – because after all, you cannot wear a sports watch with an elegant dress. You need to make the watch just as classy as your outfit.

Straps that Go Well with Gowns

When looking for the right band for your Apple Watch, the best choice would be to go for a bracelet type made from stainless steel, as this tends to be more elegant. Bear in mind that it has to match your other accessories as well – so, if you have a rhinestone necklace, you might want to go for a watch band in the same design.

The color should also be carefully considered. In this case, you either match it to the dress that you are wearing, or to your necklace and earrings.

GoStraps, 4th Jun, 2020
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