Fitbit Charge HR vs. Charge 2 vs. Charge 3

Fitbit Charge HR vs. Charge 2 vs. Charge 3

Fitbit offers several smartwatches in the market, from the simple Ace to the more expensive Ionic. In this article, we compare the Fitbit charge hr, charge 2 and charge 3 to see how these smartwatches differ.


While all of them have an OLED display and PurePulse HR monitor, they also have their differences, with Charge hr having the smallest display. Regarding straps, only the Charge 2 and 3 officially offer interchangeable straps. The Charge HR and Charge 2 offer similar elastomer straps, while the Charge 3 offers a more luxurious design with a diamond etched pattern. Furthermore, Charge 3 offers an aluminum casing, making it lighter than the Charge’s 2, which is stainless steel. The Fitbit Charge 3 also offers an almost twice as big, as the Charge’s 2, touchscreen display, and it is up to 50 meters water-resistant and swims proof.


While the Charge HR features activity monitoring, sleep monitoring, HR monitoring, call notifications and exercise recognition, Charge 2 took the features one step forward, adding more functions such as multi-sport tracking, cardio fitness level with guided breather, a GPS and text and calendar notifications. The latest Charge 3 on the other hand, received special treatment, lifting the standards with swim tracking, run detect, NFC and goal-based exercises.


Officially, the Fitbit charge HR strap is not replaceable. Fitbit never sold replacements for this exact model. Nevertheless, you can find a third-party band to replace your HR, with installing tools provided for some without hassle. On the other hand, both the Fitbit Charge 2 and Charge 3 are replaceable. To read more on the bands of the Charge series here.

8th April 2020