Fitbit Versa 2 vs. Versa vs. Versa Lite: Which to choose?

Fitbit Versa 2 vs. Versa vs. Versa Lite: Which to choose?

While both the Versa and Versa 2 look similar, there are a lot of differences to be aware of before choosing the one.


While the predecessor, Versa, had a good enough LCD display with a pixel resolution of 300 x 300, the new Versa 2 employs a slightly larger impressive AMOLED display, displaying better colors and clearer details. Apart from the size, the new Versa 2 also uses the new feature, known as always-on, which will keep the display on, without having to press a button.

Both of the smartwatches offer good fitness tracking features including activity detection, a workout tracker and a heart rate monitor, and are up to 50 meters water-resistant. 

Furthermore, the new Versa 2 comes with a microphone and Amazon’s Alexa. Digging deeper, you will find more differences, with the Versa 2 being curvier on the corners, similar to the apple watch while boosting a longer-lasting battery.

Now, if you want a low budget-friendly smartwatch, you can have a look at the Versa Lite watch. The Versa Lite is a cheaper alternative to the Versa model. Although it seems attractive due to the low price tag, it lacks features. The lighter edition lacks Wi-Fi, onboard music storage and few of the original’s exercise features such as guided workouts.

Interchangeable Bands

Bonus! If you are a Versa user thinking to upgrade to the latest Versa 2, you might like this piece of news! The watch band for Versa is most likely going to fit seamlessly to your new Versa 2 as well! To find out more on the replacement band for the Versa series, continue reading.

27th April 2020

Image Credit: Fitbit