Guide to Choosing a Perfect Fitting Band for Your Smartwatch

Guide to Choosing a Perfect Fitting Band for Your Smartwatch

Guide to Choosing a Perfect Fitting Band for Your Smartwatch

Read on to learn about the factors you have to take into consideration when selecting the perfect fitting band for your smartwatch.

Smartwatch Lug Width

The easiest way in which you can determine your watchband size is by knowing your smartwatch lug width. To put it simply, the lug width is the distance measured between the lugs of the smartwatch. You can determine this distance by taking your old strap and holding it to a ruler. These lugs are situated on either end of the smartwatch case at the 6.00 and the 12:00 positions. By measuring the space between lugs of the smartwatch, you can easily find out the lug width of the strap it requires.

Strap Length

You might want to buy a standard-length watchstrap if your wrist size is average. If you have a small or large size wrist, you may need to choose an extra short or extra-long strap. Taking some to identify the right length can save you the frustration of buying the incorrect size.

Wrist Size

Knowing your wrist size is important if you want to choose a band that feels comfortable and is not too tight around your wrist. Use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the point on your arm where than a band of your smartwatch would generally sit (this point is often below your wrist bone). Note the measurement.

You have a thin wrist is the measurement is anywhere between 13-16 cm, the medium wrist is the wrist size is 17cm-18cm  and a thick wrist if the size is above 18cm.

If you wish to learn more about sizing guide for your smartwatch or fitness tracker replacement band, go on and read up on our detailed sizing guide.

Band Material

The band material is just as important as the band/strap length when selecting a band for your watch. It is like how people have a common opinion that metal bands look best on larger wrists as they are thicker and heavier and give a sense of manly feel, especially for those oyster style bracelet types. However, this is a matter of individual choice and you can go with whatever material strikes your fancy. The most popular band materials include leather, silicone rubber, fabric woven and stainless steel. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand more about different band material and its pros/cons.