How Should I Wear My Fitbit Watch?

How Should I Wear My Fitbit Watch?

How Should I Wear My Fitbit Watch?

Well, at first glance, this question might seem a little too simple to ask.

However, on second thought, taking into consideration the tightness and the most ideal part of the hand to place the device, this might totally be a question worth discussing. Hence, we compiled a few most commonly asked questions on the proper way to wear the fitness band accurately for the best result! The following applies to wear of any kind of Fitbit smartwatches like the Versa/ Blaze/ Ionic or activity trackers such as the popular Charge 3, Charge 2 or Alta/ Inspire/ Ace.

Should I wear my Fitbit on my dominant hand?

On default, the tracker is set to the non-dominant hand. There are different settings for the Fitbit watch, depending on which hand you wear it on. Wearing the device on your dominant hand (the hand you use for most activities such as writing) reduces the sensitivity of step counting thus preventing any over counting of movement while the body is still. On the non-dominant hand, the setting raises the sensitivity and designed to minimize the undercounting of steps. 

To ensure having an accurate reading, you should wear it on your non-dominant hand so that the device will not accidentally track any invalid movement you take. Nonetheless, it is still your choice on which hand do you prefer it on, comfortable is very important too after all. Just keep in mind to switch the setting to the hand you are wearing.

How loose or tight should I wear my Fitbit?

For the most effective results, you should wear your Fitbit watch on your wrist and make sure that it is secure and comfortable. You will have to make sure that the device rests on your wrist naturally and flat. For the best results in features like heart rate tracking and detecting when you are wearing the device, the back of the device will need to be in contact with your skin. In the case that the device is not able to properly measure or provide the best results, you may have to tighten the device.

Casual Wearing
You will also have to place the watch perfectly on your wrist for the most comfortable experience. A good place to wear your Fitbit watch is exactly a finger’s width above your wrist bone. This is often the most comfortable place to wear your device.

Workout Wearing
However, that placement is for when you are not working out. While doing exercise or any kind of sports, the best place recommended is to wear your Fitbit device is 2 - 3 fingers away from your wrist bone for the best reading and tracking of heart rates.

January 10, 2020, GoStraps
Image Credit: Unsplash