How To Change Band For Fitbit Charge 3

How To Change Band For Fitbit Charge 3

How To Change Band For Fitbit Charge 3

Change your band for Fitbit Charge 3 is pretty simple and straightforward. Both sides of the bands can be easily removed by detaching the bands from the device.

Turn over the tracker on the backside to spot the latch on the seam where the tracker meets the band. With a small amount of force asserted on the button of the strap and simply pull it the band away from the device.

Do the same for straps on both sides. If the bands are unable to be removed, gently tug the band while giving it a little wiggle to loosen it. Try detaching it again after a few wiggles.

After you have removing the old band, the next thing to do is to swap up a new one. And by any chance, you need to shop for one, do visit our wide range of replacement straps.

With your new replacement bands prepared, slide one side of the strap (identify the correct side for the long and short part accordingly) on the end of the tracker until you feel a click when the replacement snaps nicely into place.

Repeat the same step for the other side of the strap as well. Do ensure both of the straps are fitted securely before you put it on and call it done.

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March 11, 2020, GoStraps