Is a Milanese Loop Feminine?

Is a Milanese Loop Feminine?


Ladies always want to look as feminine as possible – but when you look at most watches, you see that they all seem to be made for men. That is until the Milanese loop came to be. Is it more feminine – or is it once more a piece that both men and women can wear?

What Is a Milanese Loop?

A Milanese loop is a band made mainly from stainless-steel mesh, in a fluid design, practically woven so that the strap remains flexible. The design was first created in the 19th century in Milan – which is why it also got the name of the Milanese loop. This type of smartwatch strap is highly adjustable, which makes it perfect for any wrist size. The loop is fitted with a magnetic closure at the end, allowing you to ‘close’ at any point.

Does a Milanese Loop Look Feminine?

Some people may wonder whether the Milanese loop looks feminine or not since both men and women wear it – but mainly, it depends on the person. That being said, the mesh loop is generally smaller in comparison to the standard loop, which makes it look slightly more feminine. Plus, it has quite a classy design that does not feel too bulky.

Who Can Wear It and Where?

Technically speaking, anyone can wear a Milanese loop – men or women. However, since it has a sleeker design, women are the ones who generally prefer it. The elegance of the material allows you to wear it to a smart or casual occasion, but also formal events. The right Milanese loop can be worn at a wedding, with a fancy dress, but also at a dinner or some other event where you have to dress slightly elegant. It is quite a convenient style to wear as a lady.

23th April 2020