List of Must-have Accessories for Your Smart Watch

List of Must-have Accessories for Your Smart Watch

List of Must-have Accessories for Your Smart Watch

Now you bought your smartwatch or activity tracker. What's next? Yes, the accessories!

Here is a list of must-have accessories you should get for your smartwatch.

Screen Protector

Smartwatch screen protector

A screen protector for your smartwatch is considered the first line of defense. The most popular one used is a glass screen protector. A screen protector safeguards your smartwatch from scuffs, scratches and any other sort of external mark. It even helps to prevent fingerprints and dust. This thin little piece of strong protection is definitely worth investing in to extend the shelf life of your device!

Bumper Case

Smartwatch Accessories - Bumper Case Cover

Now, here comes the second line of defense. Dropping a smartwatch might not be that easy as compared to a mobile phone (touch wood!) so why do we need a bumper cover? That's because a bumper case provides complete protection on all sides and corners for your smartwatch with shock-absorption and scratch-proof functions! What's more, many bumper cases actually come with a front screen protector which means you can straight off combine two defense in one item! You can go all vigorous in any sports and have a piece of mind equipped with a good quality bumper case like one of these!  

Replacement Watch Straps

I know, your purchase of smartwatch/activity tracker most likely comes with a strap, so it might seem a waste of money and meaningless to get a replacement when one is all that's needed.

Here are two important reasons to get a replacement watch strap. The first, having a backup is always necessary. The prime advantage of keeping a replacement watch strap is that you will have one in handy lest your old strap is damaged. Accident (touch wood again) does happen, just like my dad who happily cut off the strap while trimming old leaves in the garden. And the fact is, without a watchband, the watch itself is pretty much useless.

The next reason to get a replacement band depends more on individual lifestyle. If you are the kind who only wears the watch on one same occasion for one sole purpose, then it's fine. However, most people out there who find themselves wearing the same strap to workout, meetings and even parties will be able to relate. Getting suitable straps that cater to various different occasions and purposes maximized the use of your device greatly! If you feel that finding the ideal replacement watch bands can be challenging and costly, you might want to take a look at our extensive collection of high quality yet affordable replacement bands.

Charging Cable

Smartwatch Accessories - Charging cable

This pretty much goes down to the same reason of having an emergency backup. Charging cable also comes in different cable lengths which can cater to different needs such as charging in the car or from the power bank etc. 

Watch Stand

And the last one is dedicated to our Apple watch users! It gets annoying trying to find the best way to place your smartwatch and your phone when you are charging both of them. When you use a watch stand, you get a stylish way of supporting your smartphone as well as your watch while they are charging. The stand also features holes that are drilled under the smartwatch. This helps to boost the sound that emanates from your alarm clock.

22th Jan 2020
Image Credits: Unsplash