Metal Watch Band: Milanese Vs Stainless Steel

Metal Watch Band: Milanese Vs Stainless Steel

Metal Watch Band: Milanese Vs Stainless Steel

The metal watch strap is the most common and popular material used for the normal analog watch but when it comes to the world of smartwatches and fitness trackers, we are suddenly flooded with wide varieties of watch bands. There are two main types of frequently searched metal replacement straps for smart bands - the Milanese & the Stainless steel.

Keep reading to learn about the two most popular metal watch bands and the pros and cons of metal straps.

Milanese Band

The Milanese strap simply is made up of interwoven stainless steel threads enmeshed together to give a sophisticated and classy look. Its construction is not like other steel band types that are usually more manly and broad in appearance.

Pros of Milanese Straps

The Milanese Strap offers a very confident and elegant impression that is usually opted to go with official or luxurious occasions. The stainless steel material of it also enhances the overall durability and scratch-resistant characteristic. 

When compared to the typical kind of stainless steel straps like the President bracelet and all, a Milanese strap weighs less heavy and look tidily sleek.

A huge plus point to add on is that some of the Milanese straps available in the market actually is designed with various kinds of closure such as a magnetic loop and a Milanese band that actually comes with a protective case plus all in the same color tone!

Stainless Steel Band

A smartwatch stainless steel strap is generally a huge title that branches out to various kinds of band styles such as the OysterBracelet & the Jubilee. The stainless-steel strap has a number of removable links for precise sizing to your wrist.  A split pin holds these links firmly in place. Some strap models feature screws so you would require a pin-pushing tool in order to remove them; additional removable links are also available.

Pros of Stainless Steel Straps

Well, mentioned it twice in a row, metal straps tend to have a longer life compared to any other material band. It is also easier to clean and maintain a smooth and hard exterior.

As there are quite a few styles of stainless steel strap out there, it's quite hard to summarize all images it gives into one but they definitely do somehow delivers a sense of maturity and superiority. 

Cons of Milanese and Stainless Steel Straps

As for the cons of both the Milanese and stainless steel strap, I find they pretty much share the same points. They are generally priced more costly than average in contrast to the other band types.

In terms of style, it is relatively harder for them to fit into all styles, meaning you cannot own just one of them for ALL occasions and uses such wearing it to workout or a beach vacation and things like that.

Bottom Line

Despite its posh and elegant look, a metal watchband, be it the Milanese or the range of stainless steel band might not be for everyone and you definitely can not expect to have THAT ONE and ONLY for daily use.

It is, of course, wise to keep one for important formal events and wiser, if you get one in today!

February 13, 2020, GoStraps
Image Credit: Unsplash