NATO Strap for Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker?

NATO Strap for Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker?

Now we know what NATO strap is all about and the benefits of it, the next question pops up for our smartwatch users - how to install a NATO watch band for smartwatch and activity tracker?

Can we even do that?

Taking into consideration that smartwatches are made mostly of different structures compared to typical analog kind of watch.

Well, for those normal watches, the installation of a NATO band can be pretty easy. Basically one just has to put in the spring bar to the watch lug area with the help of a spring bar removal and simply insert the NATO strap through it with a little positioning.

Some of the smartwatches and activity trackers are able to install in the NATO band in a similar method with the spring bar. However, for those watches that are without spring bar, FRET NOT. 

At GoStraps, to provide the most variety of replacement watch bands for you, we house some NATO inspired watch strap that caters to your watch structure. You can easily swap it like how you did for your normal silicone strap without confusing steps and hassle! These NATO inspired watch straps are designed as two separate pieces for you to attach it to both sides of your watch lugs.

February 27, 2020, GoStraps