Smartwatch/ Fitness Tracker Band Sizing Guide

Smartwatch/ Fitness Tracker Band Sizing Guide

Smartwatch/ Fitness Tracker Band Sizing Guide

Smart watches and fitness trackers have seemingly become a rapidly rising gadget in recent years across various brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Amazfit, Fossil and many more. And while most smartwatches come in typical bands, there is one accessory to make yours stand out from the others - customizable replacement straps. So if you are looking to buy a replacement band, here is a brief guide to help you with picking the perfect fitting band!

Make Use Of Your Old Band

In most cases, you will definitely have a band that comes with your purchase of the smartwatch/ tracker. Thus, If you already own a band that fits well, make use of it! Measure the length for both pieces of the band separately, excluding the buckle and add them up to know the total length.

Know Your Wrist Size

silver case Apple watch with white band

You can determine the size of your wrist by measuring its circumference which will help you decide what strap size you need. The most common wrist size among men is 18.5 cm (185 mm) while the most common wrist size among women is close to 17 cm (170 mm). 

How To Measure My Wrist Size?

Method 1: To measure your wrist, you can use a little help with a flexible measuring tape to wrap around your wrist and record the measurement on the tape that overlaps the zero end of it.

assorted tape measures

Method 2: Alternatively, you can just grab any string/paper strips to wrap around your wrist and make a mark, then lay the string on a ruler to get your accurate wrist size.

Band Width /Watch Lug Size

Now that you have got your wrist size, there is still another piece of information you will need to have before getting the perfectly compatible replacement band.
That is the size of your band width, also known as the watch lug size which simply refers to the inner space between the lugs or the part that the band fits in. To measure the lug width, a normal ruler or caliper can easily do the trick.

Bonus: The Free Size Trap
If you ever come across watch bands sizing shown as Free Size, do not take it as compulsory fitting for all wrist! Do read through the description for any mentions of the band length and if there isn’t any, we recommend to play it safe by double-checking it with the store. Never take the risk. And never fall for the Free Size trap!

Tips: For Larger Wrist
A larger wrist size among men is close to 20cm (200 mm) and 19cm (190 mm) for women, so if you happen to fall into this category or you belong to the smaller wrist, you might not be able to choose from an ocean spread of variety as most bands are stocked in common sizes. Nevertheless, look for adjustable nylon loop and magnetic closure Milanese strap or bands designed with extra punch holes for higher chances of fitting! 

5th Feb 2020
Image Credits: Unsplash