What Is NATO Watch Bands For Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker?

What Is NATO Watch Bands For Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker?

What Is NATO Watch Bands For Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker?

You definitely have heard of the name NATO before, regardless is it military-related or as an uprising trend in the styling of watches. Most commonly, NATO strap refers to a one-piece nylon made watch strap that slides under the spring bar of the watch with minimalist design and houses strengths like its durability, lightweight and easy-going with various occasions.

So what Is a NATO strap?

The British Ministry of Defense developed the NATO strap in the early 1970s which was known as G10 (which was an abbreviation of G1098, a form the troops had to fill to acquire the strap at that time. The military required a strap that was tough, sturdy and works perfectly even with the spring bar spoilt under any circumstances and so they came out with the concept of our currently known NATO strap. The term NATO originated from its stock number (NSN).

And why NATO strap?

The nylon material traits help draws the moisture and sweat away from our skin on hot days or during sports activities. Keeping the lightweight characteristic of nylon also adds to more comfortable daily wearing. 

Minimalist style has been a hype trending in our recent fashionista world. NATO strap simple yet stylish outlook blends in with all watches be it the typical analog watches or smartwatches and fitness trackers. This style compliments almost all outfits and caters to occasion like casual outing, business meeting or even for workout activities.

Other benefits of the NATO watch band also include its relatively affordable price point as compared to other band types and the widespread design available in the market. 

Easy installation of the watch strap also comes in as a good reason why watch users love the NATO strap as their replacement band. 

NATO band for smartwatch/fitness tracker

At GoStraps, we house NATO watch band for various smart wearable devices like Fitbit Charge 3, Apple iWatch 5/4/3/2/1, Garmin Vivoactive 3 and more. However, do note that some of the NATO inspired bands are not made one-piece due to the structure of the watches.

March 7, 2020, GoStraps