5 Easy Exercise Activities To Do While Staying Home

5 Easy Exercise Activities To Do While Staying Home

Desperate for a little movement or simply too boring feeling stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some easy activity you can do WITH NO sports and exercise equipment needed.

Okay, probably just some cleaning supplies that your house will definitely have! Bonus perk? – You got your household chores covered at the same time!

  1. Do Up Laundry

    white textile on blue plastic laundry basket

    The entire process of doing your laundry, from pushing piles of the dirty laundry into the washing machine and pulling them out, then hang them up for drying actually help burns 78 calories on average!

  2. Wash Your Car

    man washing BMW coupe

    Okay, so other than having some brushes, soap, and pail, you would actually need to have a car for this movement. Wiping the windshield, windows, doors; brushing the bumper and grilles; tidying up car trunk. These series of actions can actually add up to burning off 300 calories for a time span of an hour!

  3. Scrubbing Bath Tub

    See that stubborn stains over there on your bathtub? Give those a full 15 minute rough and tough scrub, not only you will be earned yourself a spick and span looking tub, and you will also burn off 100 calories! Bonus? Your biceps might grow a little bigger if you get the whole tub done.

  4. Getting Floor Done

    black vacuum cleaner on brown wooden surface

    Be it by sweeping, mopping or vacuuming, this common activity literally helps to offset an average of 170 calories! Not only will this movement help stretch our back, and it also helps strengthen the muscle of the lower parts of our body.

  5. Change your bedding

    woman holding green textile

    Admit it. It already sounds tedious just by thinking about it right? Especially for those who have an extensive bedding series like mattress protector, mattress pad, duvet, quilt, bedsheet, comforter, throw pillow, bolster and counting.

    And you always can’t find time to get it to change with work and busy schedule on? Now it is the best timing.

    Besides, changing your bedding, in fact, utilized all parts of your body muscles! From the spreading of your bedsheet, bending down to tuck in the corners while exercising your fine motor skills with the replacement of pillow cover.

    Doing it for 15 minutes might just burn off 65 calories easily!

  6. Weeding your garden

    person holding gardening tool near yellow plant

    Got a green thumb? Then engaging in a series of gardening activities might be just perfect for you! Doing some digging, planting, watering and weeding for 25 minutes aids in offsetting 100 calories and in return you even got yourself a pleasant brilliant yard!

    However, do ensure you have a garden within your house and not somewhere in your neighborhood to comply with our STAY HOME practice.

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    Picture Credit: Unsplash